DIY Felt Board

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE felt.  It's my first choice for most of my hand-made products.  It's soft, colorful, and has endless creative possibilities.  So it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite and most simple DIY projects ever is this felt board!  If you're rolling your eyes because you've read "simple" DIY plans before, only to run in the other direction...I promise this one really is simple! check out the steps below to see how I made it.  Spoiler alert...step five is the easiest!



Step One: Collect your supplies

  • Ikea easel- $19.99 and found here 
  • Gray felt- you can usually get this from any craft store (Jo-Anne's Fabric, Hobby Lobby, etc.) 
  • Chalk Additive- I got mine locally from McHarper Manor.  
  • Spray Adhesive- Here's one from Home Depot 
  • Exacto Knife

Step Two: Paint the easel with the chalk additive (you can totally skip this step!)

Step Three: Use the spray adhesive on the whiteboard side of the easel

Step Four: Place the felt securely into the area and use an Exacto knife to cut the felt to size and clean up the edge.

Step Five: Grab your favorite felt pieces from our store and have some fun! 

And that's it.  I told you it was simple! If you try it out, tag us @twopinkballoons so we can see the finished product! 

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