25 Day Elf Survival Kit
25 Day Elf Survival Kit

25 Day Elf Survival Kit

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As a Mom,  I know what I need.  I need more time,  less stress and during the holiday season trying to figure out the elf day in and day out is just another thing that seems impossible to add to the list!

I want to give you the best gift this holiday season!  A stress-free elf experience!

Welcome to the 2021 25 day Elf Survival Kit!!! 

This kit includes some of my VERY favorite designs that were hand picked to be both fun AND easy for you to bring the magic home this holiday season! 

Included in your kit is 24 curated bags (plus 1 extra just in case!). 

  • Each bag is labeled and numbered (They don't have to go in order!) I think you would love that you can incorporate your elf into your favorite holiday traditions like Reading Holiday Stories,  Christmas Movie Night,  Pizza Night and the First Snowfall of the season. 
  • Each bag includes instructions, photos and even variations if you have a little extra time and some additional materials on hand! 

Daily kits are a combination of hand crafted items from the Two Pink Balloons vault such as: 

  • Doctor Set (complete with Band-Aids for your stuffed animal collection)
  • I'm Back Sign to welcome your Elf from the North Pole
  • Sports Theme
  • A few of my favorite Hide & Seek costumes! (Hippo,   Banana, and even Toilet Paper for when our crazy elf has been up to NO GOOD in the bathroom!)

In addition,  you will find fun games,  activities and unexpected fun your elf will have!

  • Connect 4
  • Games
  • A Backpack for the last day of school before winter break! 
  • Coloring Sets, Hot Chocolate to be shared and many others

And unlike so many Elf Kits, you are able to personalize this kit to fit your family and the things you truly LOVE!  

  • Choose a Sports Theme (favorite local team shirt,   baseball, basketball, football, karate with belt colors, soccer ball and jersey!) 
  • Choose a Favorite Christmas Movie Theme (Buddy the Elf, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, or Charlie Brown) 
  • When gathering and reading stories this season,  you can choose if your elf prefers Storybooks or his own personal Bible

This kit offers a wonderful variety to keep the magic of the season alive with your children and by taking away so much of the stress,  the magic is alive in you as well!  

Happy Holidays - Christa